Picture_26Singer, Songwriter, Surfer, Skater, Lifelover...

Born in France, Antoine Allain grew up between two worlds: one his family’s deep ties to Brittany; the other the years he spent living with his father in Santa Barbara, California.

His father owned a surf shop and live music bar on the coast of Brittany. Antoine grew up around music, waves and locals. Surfing with dad, skateboarding with friends and listening to different music influences were part of his everyday life in a coastal frame. His passions remained when he moved to Santa Barbara at age 13 with his father. His mother, singer and model, had recently passed. The family needed a change and the California dream was calling... Surfing competitively, shredding at the skatepark and starting to manifest a serious interest for music, Antoine found his voice as a singer and songwriter. Paying homage to his past, telling his story, singing his songs; he has his own way around verses. In his latest album “The Life” (OneWave Music, 2012) he sings : “the life that I’m living, is the life that I’m loving, and I wouldn’t trade it for nothin’.” In “I Forgive You” he sings to his mother with pure honesty. A private memory made public.

Often praised for his capacity to sound new and old at once, Antoine anchors his music in the space where cultures and ocean intersect. From dynamic compositions to warm chill beats, Antoine has you covered for a smooth ride, rain or shine. Life is good.

Antoine is currently working on a new EP to be released this year.